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What is Arlanet REMAID?
REMAID is a framework for building business applications and it provides all basic elements. This Arlanet innovation is the fundament of any business solution, providing both internal as external access in a fast and safe way.

Who should benefit from this solution?
Until now only big spenders could afford distributed solutions. REMAID is based on the latest .NET remoting technique and offers a new, affordable solution based on existing Microsoft technology. This enables you to connect to your company information from any office in the world and provide them with real-time data.

How does it work?
REMAID is installed on the company server where it provides services to all REMAID Clients (RC). The REMAID Server Console (RS) handles all communication from that point on and enables the company to administrate its solution in real-time. It knows who is connected, where it connects from, which user it is and even logs possible errors the RC might encounter. Slow connection? Probe your communication speed to check your network performance. Serious errors? Contact your Arlanet administrator and we can fix your problem from our hot seat. It enables your company to be available, secure and controlled in real-time. Any place, anywhere.

Where's the catch?
Simple, there isn't. New communication- and data protocols as XML and Remoting enable developers to build solutions in a whole different way. For instance, XML transfers your data request to your local computer where you can work with. Communication with the server is only established when saving the changed data.

Functionality Overview?
  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Communication
  • Security
  • Performance Tuning
  • Exception Management
  • Login Auditing
  • Concurrent User Tracking

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